keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

this is what happens when i open a pack of m&ms:

it's very sad, i am sure i have wasted a significant amount of my life on being anal. :)

i had a pretty good weekend. i have had to wrestle with myself about the value of the vast amount of time i spent, quite simply, loafing, but all in all i think loafing was the right choice, if it even was a choice. now i DID visit jack's fam saturday and then sunday help judithiscariot with some stuff and walked around the container store, the bed bath & beyond, AND the target for good measure because we kept not finding the right stuff. tonight, inspired (and unhappy with all the expensive and ugly magazine holders) i went to ikea and took it easy and procured some things. monday night is the night to go, to be sure. i am teetering on the brink of replacing my cd shelves.

friday night jack and i watched what's eating gilbert grape and i really liked it, and not just because of mr. depp.

my head has been killing me all day and i don't know why, i drank a whole liter of water, it's not dehydration. also my elbow and the left part of my hand has been tingly and numb and it feels like my funny bone is unsually unprotected or sensitive. the measure of my mood day to day is strongly related to how much stuff i know is on my plate for work the next day that i feel confident i know how to do. very work focused right now which let me tell you, is highly unusual. i keep thinking "when this calms down" but i should know better. it will never calm down, until i leave.

i have been sad as well as glad to read all the words that people have been posting and linking about andrea dworkin's passing. it is an education and a testament to her contributions to the feminist movement and our culture at large. i have alot to learn.
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