keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

OK, this is creepy, offensive, and tongue-in-cheek, insulting, depressing, YET awesome all at the same time.

WRNR has changed its call letters and format for the day to all-women rocking WOMB.

It's creepy and all that stuff because it brings up how depressingly sexist popular music still is, and because of the creepy baby on the website and joking yet pointedly appropriate* equating of women with their body parts, but it's nice to have this just for a day. Though I hate Garbage and Portishead. :D

All in all I say, cheers RNR.

*pointedly appropriate because it COULD be intended in the way i'm taking it, to send up sexist stereotyped media geared towards women.
Tags: feminism
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