keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

stuff that's on my mind

1. Ram Dass, from watching the documentary Hoffmann's Potion the other day. It's full of little old men talking really slowly (I thought that was pot??) and giggling like they know a cosmic secret, which they possibly do.

2. Sweeney Todd. Over and over. At top volume.
See your razor gleam, Sweeney,
Feel how well it fits
As it floats across the throats
Of hypocrites.

3. Terror at the prospect of playing softball thursday. WHY in HELL did I agree to play. I knew I would dread it every week. Well at least I can now let go of pretending I need to excel and maybe, hopefully, have a little fun. If it sucks this week I will tell the coach that I know it's cool how he convinced me to play but I quit. I don't have time for activities that make me miserable.

4. Boredom. As an affliction. As something to "cope" with. Surely more people than not do work that "bores" them. Most people don't like their jobs. But they manage to concentrate on them for more than 5 minutes at a time. Or I am utterly dysfuncitonal.
Tags: movies, softball
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