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i'm eating chocolate covered raisins that will approximately constitute my breakfast. i am despising the concept of timesheets. i am listening to a prog rock internet radio station. my eyes are closing and i can barely hold my head up. i just discovered i am supposed to attend some nortel training. i have a huge, painful, yet invisible zit on my temple. one of my coworkers just pointed at me and made a cryptic remark. said coworker is not even supposed to be here today. i miss my parents. i'm very tempted to just open up my book and read it. i'm still reading this tigana POS. i discovered last night after dinner that i can walk into a bookstore and not buy anything. seeing a spiral bound notebook makes me approximately desperate to be back in school. i still have 3.5 hours to go in this shift. i hear there's another wine tasting in the works. i have 62 emails in my inbox. i realize that my buddy list is 90% people i don't actually talk to. i am a big fat hippie. i'm wondering how thoughtless i am and how much i delude myself. i'm jonesing to play canasta or cribbage. i haven't made plans to have dinner with examorata yet. i can't believe my friendship is not good enough, that my friendship is practically an insult to someone. i can't believe we don't have an actual announcement about the re-org in email. i have to go now.
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