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Another busy weekend. It's good but oh man, I plan to make next weekend all not busy and stuff. Except what I've already committed to. Heh.

Friday night CM was uber-gracious when I called him last-minuteish to cancel our plans. Yeah I screwed up friday night. But, hopefully it all works out towards the balance of things. I got out to VA where I proceeded to lure 4 people into a rousing game of Robo Rally, and by the end they weren't all muttering under their breath about not inviting me anywhere ever again. Thanks jlfranklin for convincing me. :)

Saturday I hopped around baltimore as I seem to do more and more lately. First the wplibaltimore meeting, wherein I learned we had our first requests for books from prisoners. YAY. I also had my first espresso. I reckon it was probably good for espresso, and danged if it didn't get me through the night, but ew. Not tasty. Anyways, we talked about stuff, and it was good. I went right from there to Fell's Point where I dawdled at Soundgarden and bought versions of music I had previously, er, not paid for (Decemberists and Ladybug Transistor) and then settled in at the Wharf Rat and waited for the birthday girl to arrive. It was thankfully not nearly as crowded as it's been in previous years and a good time was had by all. I developed a ridiculous headache (espresso-related?) and went home early. I am lame!

Sunday morning I had a weird dream in which every ex-Digex/Intermedia person ever was at a giant party, the theme of which was to constantly run shows of Jesus Christ Superstar and everyone was randomly given parts and there were prizes for the best performance. drivingblind won for his performance as Herod. It was a great dream but I was frustrated because I wanted to play Judas and wasn't getting picked. Aaaaanyways!

Sunday night grrangela and I went down to the Hippo to run a table promoting Tuesday night's karaoke benefit (which I hope to see some of you at :)) and we did get some interest and surprising donations and mostly yelled at people over the music to come sing on tuesday. And examined the relative merits of tank tops, but that is a whole other issue. And hey, check it out we got a mention in the Sun with their own amusing editorial commentary. Yay!!

I'm seriously considering getting a soon-to-be-obsolete Handspring PalmOne Treo 600 with my tax return money. The question is, buy it new, or cheap it out on Ebay? Ebay took some of my time this weekend. I bid on mirrored vanity trays and macrame plant hangers and won neither because I am inheriting my father's skinflint (note: researching the origin of that word now...) tendencies. I seem to remember seeing a macrame wine bottle hanging rack thing at zenthia's house. Am I crazy?

I squeezed in a tad of WoW in the mornings. (You know, the weekend definition of morning that means noon to 5pm.) I'm almost to where we were when we abandoned Argent Dawn due to lag. I bet my Warlock has 4 full levels of rest xp at this point... anyways we got to see more of Stranglethorn for the first time, whee. Another page quest, boo.

And then we had a good seemingly productive department meeting this morning. While everyone really does have a serious case of the mondays, for some reason I feel really positive about work today.

Needless to say, this isn't everything. But it's all that's going on LJ. Yar.
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