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I would just like to note that France is totally moving in the wrong direction with this removing the 35 hour work week thing. There is a reason that french workers are more productive and I like to think it's fewer hours and more vacation time.

Le Tigre put on a good show this week and I didn't totally hate being at the 9:30. I also enjoyed Lesbians on Ecstasy but missed the first band. Both of these bands are enhanced greatly by viewing a live performance. I confess Le Tigre has never really been on my top listening list.

I also figured out what the "love" part in my love-hate relationship with the Decemberists is: I love the lyrics. I hate that guy's voice, but the lyrics get under my skin. In the good way.

Tonight, I dust off the harp.

Monday I travel to my state of birth to listen to Finn brothers at the cozy Birchmere. Recently keryx recalled the day we went to see the Boathouse show for the Woodface tour. We stood outside, to my recollection, for at least 5 hours before the doors opened, and were the first people there. We met the band and they all signed my jeans (which I naturally still have). I don't remember much clearly from that long ago, but I remember carrying kiwi lip gloss, and having little stickers that said "ecstatic!" or some such indicator of mood, and screaming my fool head off and crying. I also remember that the bulk of the stage was fenced off in the over-21 section, Crowded House being an "adult contemporary" type band, and my seething hatred of this fact.

Anyways. This will undoubtedly be better than when I saw Neil for the One Nil tour at the aforementioned 9:30 a few years back. Because I'm "old" and there are chairs.
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