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moody/posting hour again

thing is, i don't feel so moody, since sometimes small things can just completely lift your spirits. thank you, things that lifted my spirits. i was moody about 2 things, the C thing, which isn't actually worth being moody over anymore at this point, and money. ouch, the money. i have once again overspent my boundaries and am stuck scrimping until the next paycheck, 9 days away. i do this to myself; i have no one else to blame. my cell phone won't work until then. it's amazing how dependent you can become on something that is totally unecessary. last night i went out to dinner at Greenfield, the brazilian BBQ place with the smiling cow sign. that cow should not be smiling. i really enjoyed talking with imam about his applications to law school and such. other than that, i felt kind of shy and uninteresting. lately, my shoulder has been really hurting, like a pinched-nerve kind of hurt. it is particularly prominent when i am driving, but it shows up other times, and sometimes just completely disappears.

does anyone know anything about minor league baseball? are the triple-A leagues the better leagues, and the single-A leagues the worse ones? also, they renamed the Tidewater Tides to the Norfolk Tides. i'm not sure why, exactly. i also forgot that they are the farm team for the Mets. as a whole, i really think that the minor leagues have better team names than the majors. particularly in the A and AA. New Britain Rock Cats?!

question: what's good free cd-ripping software? (i am not using this for bad reasons)
confession: i tremendously enjoy Steely Dan.
introspection: why am i so competitive? have been so as long as i can remember.
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