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So, I am not surprised that the salon was not equipped to give me purple highlights. Such is life in a fancy Columbia salon for soccer moms. My stylist had her baby ten weeks early and they are ok! My replacement stylist while not as friendly is very talented, so other than not dying my hair purple, she gave me a rockin' do. A rockin' do I will never, ever recreate in my bathroom for love or money. So for these scant few hours that my hair sits atop my head in an uncharacteristic exciting a-line bob, I took pictures. Since I'm posting pictures anyways, I thought I'd share a) my current favorite dinner (thanks Life Aquatic) and c) what else? kitties.

edit: please see what i found in the touch of class catalog

Yes, I look like a typical cam whore in this picture. That is what all pictures taken with a digital camera at the end of your arm look like. Face it.

And, here's the back, for those who are style-geeky.

And, the perfect...

I swear they were touching moments before I took this. See how they are trying to look all cool like they don't care about each other?
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