keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

this webmail this is getting so frustrating. it's just asstacular that they close off ssh here. just great.

anyways, i had a good weekend!! friday at farringtonia, then saturday i made jack help me write up a budget and we went back through the past 4 months of stuff to see how much we spend on food in a month. got in some WoW and then a wine tasting!! i found all my recipes (ha, all 4 of them) which i can put on a wiki or something, and filed EVERYthing. no papers in piles. well ok still a few, details i need to take care of, you know, like MY PARENTS 35th ANNIVERSARY! which i kept telling myself was not until next week. WELL IT IS NEXT WEEK NOW! i am such a MORON. sunday more WoW, forgot entirely to do laundry, and had Joe over for dinner. i am also on p 624 of the executioner's song. yeah, i couldn't finish middlemarch, but i am devouring this thousand page monstrosity in giant sprints.

the point is, i crossed things off my to do list, and i have not done that in a long time, and i feel worlds better. and i have another big emotional thing, like, improved.

yeah i express myself well. :P
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