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Things that have been on my mind in a very heavy way over the past few days:
1. All the concerted homophobic/violent efforts going on seemingly everywhere... started with hearing about PBS, then about the assault in Montreal, then the &*^%$ VA legislature... I'm flummoxed and feel powerless. I thought, somehow, progress was being made over the past ten years since I opened my own mind about these issues.
2. Guantanamo. Do I have to say anything further? (here and here.) This is a fucking nightmare. Of my country's creation.
3. The president of Harvard's comments and the ensuing backlash.

Here's all I've been able to come up with to mitigate my depression:
1. Dinner with tartedelune. What a wonderful meeting! I ate faux pork because what's life without experimentation? I didn't hate it but next time perhaps I'll try the faux beef. I think we could have filled the space of time with words even more fully, and stayed on into the night. It was awesome.
2. Spontaneous phone call to salami_salome. I love the way she lets me squish my foot in the door just enough to allow our verbal torrent through and let outrage match outrage and the waves meet and dissipate and reassurance is what washes back to meet us. (I hope. :))
3. Casting on 33 stitches for my neighbor S. who is clearly a saint, and who I clearly owe. Now to you know, actually knit the thing.
4. Reading Wally Lamb's Couldn't Keep It To Myself.
5. Self-medication: Beer and video games.

I had a long dream last night about my ex C and a peaceful meeting.
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