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evil, updating while in class

i can't help it. i have lost completely the thread of the lesson, and i finally got my hands on the lab computer that gets out on the internet. i mean, it's gotten so bad that i had resorted to elementary school boredom tricks; attempting to write with my left hand, trying to write mirror-image. i enjoy writing, with a pen or pencil and paper. alot. can i also mention that it really doesn't help when he gives these totally unrealistic slides that explain something obscure about the protocol, but would never, ever happen? i guess i'm just whiny because i don't understand the basics, let alone this fantasy bullshit network slide. other work notes: there is some kind of massive reorg going on. i'm going to have to learn ATM. bloody hell. but, the ex-mil annoying as hell director guy is not in my management path anymore. suh-weet.

impressions on a daytime commute:
1. the metro is, of course, the great equalizer. it is the place that brings people of all races, creeds and colors together and they are all subject to the same rules. i love the metro. it makes me humble to see so many people and realize how special we all are in our un-speciality. you see great moments of bonding and kindness on the metro, as well as examples of people being their smallest and pettiest. this morning's story was this tiny woman with a scary madeline-kahn-in-clue haircut walking over to this woman three times and trying to rip her walkman off her head because it was too loud. there was almost a fight. it amused and fascinated me. why was that woman such a spaz? has she not ridden the metro? that woman's walkman was NOTHING compared to some noise i've heard on the metro...
2. the people who work downstairs at the "cosi/xando" coffee place are all so nice. it's unreal. i want to make friends with them.
3. Guy Gavriel Kay's "Tigana" is SO AWFUL. I'm sorry all you GGK fans. It really, really is. I'm still going to read it, because there is no question that crappy fantasy novels is the only thing that keeps me sane sometimes. When I was in college and couldn't even watch television I was so depressed, I read "Magic Kingdom: For Sale" and "Thieves' World" and they were the only things I could stop long enough to concentrate on. Although, I don't remember them being as melodramatic and crappy as Tigana.

last night: dinner at chef theo's. makes me miss that place on kenmore ave. in alexandria. also, watched "Session 9" a crappy suspense movie. BUT it was set in an abandoned asylum - a real one! i was rapt. plus, it was scary. if you watch it though, don't bother with the extra stuff on the dvd about the place, it's useless. i plan to look up stuff about the Danvers State Mental Hospital on the net instead.

i have this fantasy that i could be working at the nature conservancy across the street. i'd get paid a modest amount to write important letters all day and every letter i wrote would conserve some nature. lemurs in madagascar would be sending me thank you notes. i would walk out the door every day thinking, "man, i conserved alot of nature today, and it makes me feel good." i would wear suits that looked like they came from banana republic, but didn't actually, because banana republic is evil. sadly, that will probably never happen.

is corn syrup bad?

things to do: transfer money to savings to start getting ready to buy a motorcycle in 6 months. break down and buy another cd rack at target. reply to email, because i love my friends.
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