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Okay, I wish I could describe the past few days as a success, but overall, I can say there were a few successes and mostly unpleasantness. Starting friday things just spiralled out of control. Moodwise, planwise, I just felt like I wasn't driving. Nothing to do with the great LJ outage, just life.

I managed on friday to: get a whiteboard. That's it. I purchased a whiteboard. You mean from the time you got off work at 6pm until you went to sleep on saturday morning after 5am you merely purchased a whiteboard? Yes, that's right. And it's not due to video games or anything like that. *sigh* So we will just call friday a wipe and move on. (How many projects in my life have started and ended with purchases? I don't want to think about it.)

Saturday was rough largely due to fallout from friday; I managed to get out late to S&J's to visit with people. Late like 11pm. I completely missed the wplibaltimore meeting which I have been looking forward to for weeks. Thanks to the magic of technology I know how things went, which is to say that we are now accepting book donations! I will happily come get them or we can work something out and I can get them to our temporary storage situation. If you don't have any books but still want to help, you can always either donate or send WPLI something from our wishlist. Oh and all you karaoke fans? It looks like we might be setting up a karaoke benefit, watch this space for more info.

Sunday I had two things on my agenda, barring all the things from the previous days' agendas I didn't accomplish: to hit the Laurel Museum finally, and to head down to South Riding for re-learning to knit and viewing of Carnivale. I so did not get out of the house in time to go to the museum. Luckily I did manage to get all my knitting stuff together (I couldn't find one of the vintage pattern magazines I got from my mom, bah.) and head south at a reasonable hour. I cast on! Twice because the scarf was too wide the first time! I may just be able to keep going this time so long as I don't start another sock. Also: chenille? Not so much. Falls apart too easy; I am hard on yarn with all my tight-pulling. Big thanks to edamame for her patience with instructions. Thanks to ninjabunny for the kickass hummus. Carnivale was pretty awesome as usual and involved more Jonesy & Sophie screen time, which, well I shouldn't have to say anything about that. It was less about big reveal and more about subtle characterization and I get off on that stuff.

Oh and for all the knitters and crocheters out there, the bag I mentioned which is the miracle bag can be purchased here. omphaloskepsis says it is great but she wishes she had purchased a medium instead of a large and recommends the medium unless you do alot of large blankety things.

Monday: Surprise dental work. This temp crown is covered in excess cement and feels fuzzy in my mouth and that puts me in a killin' mood. Oh and I forgot to mention: I couldn't afford the dental work, so Jack had to cover me. My insurance, so far as I can tell, is the "we will try to prevent bad things from happening about once a year but screw you if something bad does happen" variety.

There are two movies out I really want to see. Since that's really rare, I will just say: I really want to see Guerrilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst and Million Dollar Baby.

My new slogan in all things is: Life's too short. I keep answering myself and other people with that. Will you go do ______? Life's too short to do _______. I feel like I need to focus. I put a mind map up on the new whiteboard of all my hobbies, and honestly, I have a passing/untapped interest in too many damn things. I'd like to say I'm a dilettante renaissance woman except I think to be one you actually have to take the time to develop depth in all your activities.
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