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stable, practical... and happy

I'm so glad to feel normal again. I'm worried about the depression coming back, though. So, counseling is still in my future. I wake up in kind of a panic when I have been sleeping, so I need to make sure I don't stop fighting...

Saw Panic Room. It was suspenseful and I like Forest Whittaker. MPLS class is going horribly, in comparison with how it's going for everyone else... I'm a smart person, why is it so hard??

For book club we are voting between:
Scheherazade Goes West : Different Cultures, Different Harems
by Fatima Mernissi - 228 pages
Can Asians Think? Understanding the Divide Between East and West
by Kishore Mahbubani - 208 pages

Anyone read these? Which should I pick?
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