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I know there are oodles of people who don't give much credit to LJ as a learning tool, but I learned about a whole bunch of stuff this week through the LJ grapevine. Here are some that got me thinking:

The Rat Park Experiments & an article on diets in the NYT. Both of these got me thinking about how hard it is to prove something. I am fascinated by the fact that no one in the scientific community got excited by the results of Rat Park, and I am fascinated that no one cares that the commercial diet industry can't (or won't) prove its effectiveness.

I also learned about Shirley Chisholm, who died earlier this week. I had never heard of her.

Last night I got to watch 3 Dawson's Creek episodes with judithiscariot and we ate Cluck U. Pacey + wings = decandence, in my little world. Tonight, cheese dip. Current primary motivators are birls and fear of leading an ultimately ineffective life.

Edit: My ipod is doing this thing where when it tries to sync it complains about the playcount file being corrupted. It makes me cry, and makes syncing not work right. Grr.
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