keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

last night's ny-quil soaked take on the school dream:

i have attended all my morning classes, and am somehow deciding it will be easier for me to move my car from one satellite parking spot to another in order to get to my afternoon classes in time. i am trying to have lunch with jack and he is encouraging me to slack about my late classes. i realize at this point i have forgotten what and where they are, and park at a 7-11 in the hopes that running onto campus will jog my memory. but as i am getting ready to run off with whatever books i hope are the right ones (i picked out the science books because in my dream world i have conquered english classes in the morning, but it is the afternoon classes that are scary so they must be science classes.) jack is like, let's play with the dogs! and then he has these magical dogs on escher-ian leashes that i keep almost letting go of. so we decide to take the magical dogs for a walk instead. my magical dog has creepy pincer claws on the end of its tail. this is good, because we end up walking the dog past a yard with scary monsters and we have to fight them, and my magical dog uses its pincer claws to do so.

i wonder, if i ever do manage to go back to school, if i will dream about missing/failing at work.

i am at work today, muddling through. *cough* *snork*
Tags: dream
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