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to catch you up:

i am sick. really sick. i got drugs (amoxicillin & guanefesin w/codeine). i took them. i woke up last night at 2am with tightness and pain in my chest and all across my ribcage and i was faint. went to emergency room because, well, maybe i am paranoid but chest tightness and seeing pretty lights and potential for it being some kind of drug reaction made me a leetle paranoid. made jack drive me to laurel regional. did intake with RN. sat around for 2 hours feeling fine, actually. ended up leaving without seeing a doctor because well, the problem went away, scary as it was at the time. slept. finally expectorating actual lung goo. i take this as a turn for the better. still no idea what the 2am pain was about.

i haven't really read all your posts thoroughly and for this i apologize. basically my comments are: i totally agree. i totally disagree. that's what i would have said. you go girl! damn, i'm sorry... i wish there was some way i could help.

back to watching really awful television. i did stop by the library on the way to the patient first yesterday and borrow the entire ascent of man dvd series. i should watch that instead of days of our lives, shouldn't i?

and for all those waiting with baited breath, i did kind of enjoy the life aquatic. i felt the same way i did when i left the theater after the royal, tenenbaums, which is to say unimpressed. that film grew on me until it almost eclisped my love for rushmore. i don't think this one will though. not enough sympathetic characters.
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