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Whoah, am I sick. sore throat, coughing, the works. And I didn't realize that there is no lemon zinger in the house. I don't even want to play video games, that's how sick I am. Ngah. /whinge

Christmas was lots of fun despite talking being a little hurty. Jack's family is always so welcoming and I got Lush stuff and feministy books and a dvd of Free to Be You and Me among other things! Since I was a total loser and didn't get anyone presents yet, I will have to sneak attack everyone with presents later. I didn't even do my usual large donation to Heifer Intl. We had ham and I tried eating some green beans and we chatted until late. When I got home, I opened our big present from mom and dad - a Crock Pot! I need to collect some recipes. Like zarobi's chili for one! Time to do some serious slow cooking.

Back to laying about and trying not to hack up actual flesh. nostradomnatrix if you see this just be warned - I'd love to say hi today but I'm toxic.

Love to all!
Tags: christmas, health
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