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Wheee! kend.

This weekend was so much less boring gamery than I thought it would be! I was sure I would have hardly anything to talk about forever because of WoW.

First: A Series of Unfortunate Events was awesome. I hadn't intended to see it but went because of Jack. Oh, I tell you, I adored this film. Stay through the credits, you won't be sorry. Liam Aiken is such a future heartbreaker.

Second: I went out on saturday morning to help lilmymble and Zoe get a tree. This was enormous fun for me even though we had to go to two places and net the thing ourselves. I know Jack hates bringing a tree in the house, but it was nice to get the experience of picking one out. And nice to see friends.

Third: Our neighbors invited us over to their house for a christmas party. I can't tell you how nice their house is. Oh. My. God. They have decorated to the hilt and although it's not my style, the place is effing gorgeous and could be in a magazine. They had the tv sitting on an antique emptied-out tv case, and the dvd player was stuck inside the wooden frame. They had a gorgeous antique bar. I'm telling you it was a treat for the eye. I also got to see Queen H and interrogate her a bit about supergreens and tattoos. Fun! Very adult and sophisticated.

Fourth: The big hamtastic MST3k-singin' party. Big fun. Many friends. I felt really tired and a bit stupid all evening. I kept apologizing for being so boring. Soon I am going to start apologizing for apologizing.

Fifth: Sunday we went to Jack's cousin's house for family holiday partying. Jack's family is like a giant awesome gift to me. They are so kind and wonderful and smart. I also actually enjoyed the norwegian recipe crispy salad full of vegetables. And you know how I feel about vegetables... I had been in a weirdly bad mood but the afternoon we spent there raised my spirits quite a bit.

Sixth: Would you believe I got distracted from the book that distracted me from MM? Trips by Cheryl Pellerin has been my bedside reading of late. It has completely renewed my interest in brain chemsitry and does a wonderful job of breaking things down for the layman. It fills me constantly with envy and regret. Regret that one cannot try LSD legally. Envy at anyone who has tried it illegally. Jumping back and forth between this and Awakenings... Well I just can't wait til I have my shelves set up so my brain library can grow, since I can't go to school for the stuff. edit: The only problem with Trips is the irritating Crumb drawings all over it that contribute nothing but irritation and spacing. GRR.

Seventh: I am so dehydrated right now from all the heating. I think my nose is going to explode in a bloodbath and my lips fall off. AIGH.

Eighth: BizarroJack: Loretta stopped by to see what you thought of her brochure
SnideGrrl: oh? did she really?
BizarroJack: yeah
SnideGrrl: i have no idea what you are talking about
BizarroJack: She knew your name and everything
BizarroJack: She was like "is kim there?"
Looked like a pair of Jehovah's witnesses
SnideGrrl: oh hahaha
BizarroJack: Loretta & her friend
SnideGrrl: yeah i told them they could come back and talk about it because i am physicallly incapable of saying no to nice people.

It's too bad I wasn't there. I had lined up a number of things to say to them.
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