keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

So I was going to say that since my last post nothing interesting has happened because I have done nothing but play World of Warcraft.

Fortunately that's not true! I trimmed trees at both examorata and tzel's places and ate three tons of wonderful rich food - which is making my stomach very, very angry this morning. I think I just overwhelmed myself. In T's neighborhood, apparently santa rides around on a fire truck through the complex. I had never heard of this before. What do they do if they suddenly need the firetruck? Does santa fight fires?

I have plans to return to Curves, and do some mix-cd-challenge related activities, and read some MM. But I know better. All spare time until frustration sets in will be sucked up by WoW. It's quite fun. There is a leetle christmas shopping that needs to get done. I'm not in the right mood for it. :-/

And people around the office need to learn the concept of a monday morning ramp-up.
Tags: christmas
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