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shopaholic, and pictures

I went to the Five and Below. I figured it would cure my shopping fever in one of two ways: either I would be able to purchase some small but useful thing at a nominal fee and thus feed the beast, or I would find everything such horrifically garishly abundant crap that I would decry my entire career as a compulsive consumer and never want to contribute to the culture at all again ever. It kind of did both. I got a brown satin purse for five bucks and I hate everything. Win-win!

Itunes has decided the Play Count file is corrupted and asked me to run chkdsk utility. I did, and this changed nothing. Now it won't update the ipod. WHY GOD WHY.

This animal, right here, produces stink in such quantities as cannot be measured. You can tell which one it is by the expressions; one nods in shame, and the other looks on in horror.

Here, Jack demonstrates the stink button. Press the head, stink comes out. Actually, I take that back, you don't have to press anything. It just happens at regular intervals.

Here is what the table looks like at Thanksgiving in the Swartz household! Behold its fanciness!

During Thanksgiving vacation, dad showed Jack how to use the fancy knife sharpener. No one was harmed.

And finally, A pomegranate on the branch.
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