keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

school dream #436

This time, I was in an english class, and an exam was being handed out. And I'll be damned if the prof wasn't mountainwitch. I finished awfully early, only to find out I had turned it in without completing the essay portion. I got it back, in a panic, and found I only had messy fountain pens (I used these all the time in reality in Jr High for some reason) and tiny paper. I read the question over and over, but just couldn't get it. It was something about the author of Ghormenghast. I had a paragraph of crap and no thesis when the bell rang, er, my alarm went off.

A, I promise I wouldn't disrespect your class this way in real life!

More on the real events of the weekend later.
Tags: dream
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