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Happy Thanksgiving ... um late!

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We had a great weekend. I got a monkey lamp and we hung out with Genie and Rich and my parents made the most awesome dinner ever. I took a bunch of silly pictures. Genie made us part of the family for a day and we had dinner at her place and I felt grateful and over the course of this weekend I think I welled up with tears about 2345634786 times. Visited my grandma in the hospital. This was a bit of a trial as she doesn't really recognize anyone consistently. The more I think about it the more I want to concentrate in gerontology if I manage to work on a MSW. Last night Jen, Pam, and Lars descended and Jack made milkshakes and we chatted. This morning I raked the leaves into huge piles and had 4 bags filled when my neighbor Stephen stopped me and asked if we could just dump them on his compost pile. Hellz yeah! Need to plant some pomegranate seeds from my parents' yard. Found a picture of my baptism when I was home; spooky! I also got a giant box of legos and another of matchbox cars from the attic. And an awesome cedar chest.

Now I want a thick juicy steak and I intend to get one. Love to all.
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