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i had the dream again...

this time it was marked by a special preparedness - as if my brain was combating the forces trying to keep the subconscious me from passing school. this time i had quit my job and gone back to school full time; i had bought a special laptop for all my schoolwork. in the dream, i kept almost dropping the laptop or leaving it somewhere it could be stolen. i started working on school on a monday, and there were some adventures (going to the white house for example, where i saw a lone protester carrying a sign that said "nixon smoked pot" and several young african-american women entering the white house, whom i assumed to be jenna bush's friends). by wednesday, i was feeling pretty good, sitting in a coffee shop fiddling with my laptop - except i realized suddenly - i had not yet attended a single class. i ran around trying to find a computer on which i could look up what, where, and when my classes were, and started trying to think of viable excuses. i found a terminal and couldn't figure out how to log in. then i woke up, defeated again.
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