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I was weirded out yesterday hearing an ad on the radio for a military school. I forget which one, but the ad just went on and on about "does your son this, does your son that, your son needs this, your son needs that, he, he, he". And it got me thinking about single-sex education; if I recall correctly, the private school I attended actually had separate classes through grade 3 or something, perhaps they still do, I'm not sure. (Hrm - they don't mention it on the webpage, perhaps not.) Either way, I never attended at an age when that happened, or any school that had it. It seems anathema to me, particularly for younger children.

But then I think, I really wish I had attended a women's college. (In the alternatve universe version where I still get to keep all my awesome friends and loves.) Hollins, for example. In some weird way, given the way my personality developed, I feel it would have been a thousand times better for my academic performance and focus. (Subtext: I fucked up college over a boy.) Why do I think it's ok as a near adult but not for little kids? I think in my truly ideal world, in the one where gender roles are so fluid as to be nonexistent, this would be a moot point. But we don't live in that world, so I wonder. Some research says it offers less pressures of stereotype. Some say the opposite... But doesn't it just reinforce gender stereotypes? Of course it does.

Anyone here actually endure/participate in single sex education? What are your thoughts on it? Even if you didn't? Should such a thing even exist?

(Reading some of the research, I can already tell I'm way over my head on this question...)
Tags: feminism, survey
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