keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

I had that horrifying dream again. The one where I signed up and paid for classes which I did not attend all semester and it is now exam time and I don't even know where my classes are, let alone have read the material. This is my #1 most recurring dream. The classes and settings and eras change, but always it is me standing there with unopened books and utter baffledness over the most important thing in the world.

Night before, it was that I was hang gliding and some flying worm stuck its 2-inch proboscis in the back of my hand, and I couldn't get it out without breaking the scary worm needle off in my hand. I almost woke Jack up with my half-asleep begging for him to get it off me.

On the way home last night, Steely Dan came on the radio, and suddenly I felt like I was on cloud 9, and everything was alright with the world. I hit the thrift store and bought a hideous brown courduroy suit - in lieu of what I was looking for, a hideous cotton sweater with reindeer or something on it. All the most hideous sweaters were wool or acrylic. *sigh*
Tags: beauty, dream
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