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Women's Prison Literacy Initiative of Baltimore

Our first meeting was Saturday, November 13. Thanks to all who attended.

We want to make this organization something successful and sustainable, and preferably not run out of someone's basement.

To do this we really need office space.

To get office space we need grant money.

To get grant money we need to be registered as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation with the IRS.

To register as a nonprofit corporation we need money to pay their fees.

With this in mind, we plan to proceed as follows:

  • * Between now and the New Year, organize and publicize a fund raiser "Spelling Bee for Adults." (May need some $ to get a venue and supplies for this.)

  • * Use the funds raised to register with the IRS.

  • * Apply for grants at sympathetic foundations.

  • * Find an office.

  • * Start collecting and distributing books.

This could take some time. Right now we would appreciate any advice, tips, or (especially) money you can spare. Later, we'll ask you to donate your unwanted books to us.

You can find our Paypal donations link in wplibaltimore. (Thanks to midwinter for setting that up! and letting me borrow this text since mine wasn't coming out right.)
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