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Finished Sean Astin's book; it alternately made me fonder of the LoTR films, and want to strangle Sean Astin. I mean, he's a good guy, but sometimes, argh.

Now, to start Middlemarch. (Angry about something unrelated to books.)


- Confirm that storage company is not still charging me.
- Make a cover for the linens shelf.
- 11/21 purchase fancy whiteboard.
- f/u on bookshelf situation
- Align bank accounts and configure dir. dep. (need Jack & a saturday morning to coincide)
- Old 401k/New 401k (rollover/start)
- rake leaves
- get a craft room chair (terp trader?)
- return boots to zappos on receipt of ups label
- PICK UP DRY CLEANING (tomorrow morning!)
- check oil/fluids in car
- return gene's cooler
- clear email inbox
- get the SQL book (11/21 as well - next paycheck)


- Visit parents for tgiving. Return with cedar chest.
- Brown rug rescue.
- the final 3 fillings.
- attic fan
- trim bushes
- renew ms/bitch subscriptions
- do something with boxes of tech notes and crap
- xmas card list
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