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HouseHotting 2004

A few people made it to our house this weekend in the interest of warming it. I consider the house officially hot! Many people were missed, but I warn anyone that did not come by, I was drunk anyways. Jack wasn't so he, at least, would have made some sense to you. I have to say with much intensity, tzel is a wonderful caterer. She made all the comestibles the bestibles. Maybe if you ask her really, really, nice she will post the marinated cheese recipe. Thank you Telf. Times a million. :)

Something I learned saturday - my best friend dating back to 1986 had never met my best friend dating back to 1993. I wept when I found this out. I would have without the drink too! (And don't fret - there CAN be more than one best friend. Who uses that in the singular anymore?) To have so many life-forming experiences with two people and they have never met! Wild.

I also learned that our cellar is really interesting to more people than just me.

Also that no one cares how serious I was about putting the cow in the dumpster. So as to not be a humorless person, it remains here, and is not in any dumpster. Although potentially the rules have been broken by the cow returning to its immediately previous owner. *cough*

Sometime during the weekend, my wrist began to hurt. I now have it in a brace. I hope this is temporary. If by friday it is not better, to the doctor I go. The worst thing about this is it renders me unable to play Diablo II. ^#@%*#&$%@#. *weeps*

It's been three years and some and I still can't get over the fact that not everyone is desperately striving to participate in book club or hanging on every exciting vote. I have issues.

When I was a kid, a few things were really big status symbols for me: 1. arm slings. I wanted for some reason to break my arm and have it in a sling, because that was some kind of proof I was tough? I don't know. I made slings out of large handkerchiefs and cradled my arm in them. 2. Crossing guard belts. The bright orange kind that go over the shoulder. In first grade, when I knew the distant sixth graders would get to wear them as bus monitors, I longed for the day. I thought they were so cool.

I woke up this morning from a horrible dream of Kirk Cameron giving me some kind of insistent sign that I need to read Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series. God, if you are there, I'm going to have to ask you to use a different messenger - I can think of many more effective ones than LaHaye or Cameron!!

Also when I was a kid, maybe 7 or 8, somehow I associated Dan Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band" with the Bakshi Lord of the Rings. Which, at the time, scared the living poop out of me but also fascinated me. I still can't hear this song without thinking of hobbits. *flares hands*
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