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whinge ahoy, move on at will.

I had a good weekend. Even though during most of saturday night I had a splitting headache. And had no costume.

Today I caught the new cat spraying (peeing? I'm honestly not that sure of the difference) the box spring which is downstairs waiting to be taken away. It looks like he'd already done it several times. I am deeply upset about this; not only because there is now a cat pee smell because I can't get rid of a freaking box spring tonight, but because this might mean there's something wrong with him, that he's sick or something somehow. So, I've been totally freaking out this evening.

Up til tonight everything seemed amazingly smooth and the kitties were getting along great. :(

- saturday afternoon melting pot excursion with softball team - mmmmmm.
- got lots and lots of trick or treaters.
- board book went out today without any hitches that i know of (*fingers crossed*)
- exciting book club about stealth bombers this evening. is this really going to be holiday party #4???

past that everything is so fucking out of control i just don't know what's going on anymore. i've been extra snappy at jack and the nuvaring ordeal, well, i just think it's causing physical and mental issues. the last time i updated my to-do list notebook was a month ago. it makes me want to burst into tears every time i think about it. i basically did that when i saw the cat peeing on the box spring. i needed this to go smoothly at least in that way. i could deal with them fighting. but now every time he's out of my sight i'm going to be thinking about what object he is probably peeing on. tomorrow i will contact the SPCA and the vet and his foster person for insight. aigh. also may have to break down and buy... the dreaded... the hated... clay litter. GOD I HATE THAT SHIT.

enough bitching. i have much to be grateful for. i shall go meditate on that.
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