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This LJ post has been composed in notepad in between bouts of major work stress.

Question: Can any geek-types recommend a SQL/relational database book that is written by someone who knows how to write? There are many books out there. I have read SQL for Dummies but it's not helping me really get a big picture grasp and it's not helping me when I have a specific question. It's actually largely been no help at all. Anyone have any favorites? :-/

Fact: Last night I went to see Northern State at the ottobar. The show was awesome. The group was awesome. Their band was awesome. I was too shy, despite the fact that they were just milling around the (sadly sparse) crowd, to say anything to them. DAMMIT. They opened with my favorite, "The Man's Dollar". :D

Fact: I am so stressed. House, Cat, Job, and I think some kind of hormonal imbalance that is making me act like a crazy person. It feels like the first month on the ring all over again. WHEE.

Fact: Sunday night we watched the Weather Underground documentary. Neither of us knew essentially anything about the subject. It focused very heavily on the "why" and very little on the "how", which was at times frustrating, but I understand that wasn't their point. I learned, in my research post-watching, about COINTELPRO, and how long Hoover was head of the FBI - something else I hadn't paid any attention to. I felt as I watched the film that I was two people - inside I could hear my father's voice, the angry criticism, the reasonable skepticism, the other side of the coin. I could also hear the radical in me, enjoying in wonder the phenomenon of progressive action. And to know that most of these people are still working on progressive causes is very heartening. I felt the film was spun a little in favor of the subjects, but naturally that didn't bother me much.

Question: I am thinking about setting up a sunday night cards night. See, when I was in college, sunday night was always kind of a bummer, and everyone would get anxious about the proximity of monday morning. So jlfranklin began hosting the most pleasant cards nights; hearts, spades, sometimes even bridge. (Naturally, you could add cribbage & canasta to this list nowadays...) I have extremely fond memories of these relaxing evenings. And it's nice to have something you can rely on weekly. Any takers?

Question: How much time do you spend looking in the mirror during the typical day? For some reason, the other day I began thinking about our relationship to our presentation, and wondered at what point in human history the mirror became ubiquitous, and how. Then I thought about how, as a teenager, I spent so much more time in front of one than I do now. How in periods of extreme well-being, I look at it less, as well as in periods of deep depression. I think there is some causal link, for me, between this and my general quality of life. Spurred on by tartedelune, I'm making a little informal poll here.

For me I'd say no more than five minutes on an average day. If that. Basically, I try to make sure my hair isn't standing up straight and there are like, no boogers hanging out of my nose.
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