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One thing about the house that is a teensy bit sad - we have a tin roof, but you can't hear the rain on it. It means we're well insulated, but come on!

Found out I get to have training on adminitrating Goldmine and on writing Crystal Reports. This is good!

In other news that may interest people in the pacific northwest, our OR/WA sales rep ditched. If any of you would like to run around and visit veterinarians and try to get them to do prescriptions online through our service, send me your resumes.

Check it out, I am le posting from work. Ipod has chosen "Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters" a second time in as many days.

Had a visit from malkyne all the way from AUS last night. Rawk! :D

Also I had a vision about the back "yard". Any volunteers for garden advice, step up...
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