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Let me boil down the interests meme for you: my rare interests are 32 hour work week, a.r.luria, crappy beer, diverticulitis, dramtreeo, fighting subtle evil subtly, flannel-lined jeans, ford aspire, handling sin, mmpi, norfolk academy, richard jury, seventies decor, teeko and muffin, and wide nib pens. Runners up: atari 800, port salut, whquestion, robo rally.

Yesterday was pajamas and video games day. OK I did some tidying and filing in the "office" at home. But other than that, pizza, sweats, and diablo ii.

I keep trying to get Jack to make a photojournal of how awesome I am, but he hasn't even started yet. Jeez!
Very related: everyone Soft Ah John! I don't think I enjoyed him on Crossfire as much as everyone else did, but this is too awesome and smile-making not to pass on.

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