keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Friday evening going home from work (on 97 N), it seemed like god had a three way light bulb, and was turning it down click by click. I fully expected to see a funnel cloud touch down in front of me.

Nicolas just jumped in the washer with all the dirty clothes... and the soap. Fortunately he got it mostly on the hard to clean areas, like the back of his head. So he got his first bath, kind of, in a long time. Bad kitty.

Got the new Bitch mag. Haven't made it past the letters to the editor yet. Someone was knocking Northern State. Grrrr. If you want them to print stuff about other hip-hop or rap artists, that's great, but why talk trash about a group that's trying to do something positive? Jebus, music snobs.

In a week we're free to go to Hero's foster home and pick him up, once the papers are all signed. I am on the way to preparing his room. :)

Work has me feeling extremely stupid again.

Been shopping for boots again... can't decide between these, these, and these. This is why online shopping sucks.
Tags: cat, stuff
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