keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

Feeling an awful lot like a lost junior high school me; I am breaking out all over my face, my hair is in an extremely awkward growing-out stage, my body is doing unfamiliar things, I'm sure nobody likes me, and I'm clingy and bratty as hell.

On the other hand, I didn't have dreams about spreadsheets in 1988. I also had much more time to muse on the desperate misery* of my situation back then.

Thoughts on television: It's been a week and change without television, in the sense that there is no cable so there is nothing to watch. I have recognized the thought process (I think I'll just allow myself to relax in front of the TV for a few minutes...) that has wasted countless hours, and now it has no recourse, and thus those niggling things on the to-do list are all getting done. I did visit another person's home to watch a taped show. This was enough TV, and not too much. And it involved being social. I consider this experiment to be thus far a success. And a money saver.

This job does not change one fundamental thing** about my career situation, but it does give me more self-worth overall, and forces me to have discipline and focus. This is an improvement. It will come in handy when I someday do find the perfect life-affirming job. Yeah. Stop laughing!

I'm too indecisive to purchase one whiteboard.

Must away now.

*This is on the percieved desperate misery scale, not the actual one.
**No do-gooder-type aspect to it. I now work in a marketing department for chrissakes. Marketing pharmaceuticals, no less.
Tags: tv, work
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