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i am sending this message out from the void. no internet at home and no time at new job! still vaguely intimidated by uberboss français. moved into house. still a number of things at old apartment. sigh... i wish i had boughta truck, kind of. cat settling in but possibly lonely all day without other cats around. several invaluable folks helped us over the course of the past week including omphaloskepsis, tzel, ohighfiveo, necrocannibal and msteleute. without the plastic silverware delivery we may not have eaten!

our queen box spring wouldn't fit upstairs. we're thinking of just doing without. not sure what to do with just a box spring though...

spent most of the workdays wrangling numbers in excel files. getting up to speed is extremely intimidating. flexing math muscles i have not used in... well a long time. i am walking distance to annapolis mall but have only purchased some $8 headphones since mine broke. v. proud of restraint.

miss lj lots. :( i'm already 440 posts behind. no internet at home 'til friday? who knows it might work its way up to 1000. i feel weirdly disconnected and not in a liberated way. i spend alot of time wishing i could spend face time with my lj friends, and now i can't even spend lj time.

lots to be said about the employment culture shock. anyone out there into herbal/vitamin stuff have recommendations for brain drugs - things to help with alertness, memory, stuff like that. I think I need more iron...

hope to hear from anyone via comments or email or anything. :)
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