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stupid/brilliant ideas

i had the most ridiculous yet brilliant idea on the metro ride home today. radical women's barbershop chorus. it would be like radical cheerleaders only in four to six part harmony. it would take the "sweet" out of sweet adelines. surely someone has already done this? if not, i just need at least three other women with the ability to read music and to help me with incisive and witty lyrics. hell, it could be not gender specific. (i just like the idea of turning the whole sweet adeline's thing on its head.) but i haven't written actual music on actual staff paper since high school. and it was never THAT complicated. sure we could use some traditional music and put new words to it, or we could cover already radical music in a barbershop style, but surely i'd want to come up with original pieces. ooh. or madrigals.

i will miss metro fantasy time.
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