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going up?

Last night's (probably anxiety inspired) dream was a doozy. Somehow, I am with Jack in a world which is not aesthetically unlike Dark City. We find we need to fix something that happens in the future. To accomplish this, we have to go to a high-rise building which is run by ninjabunny which has this elevator. The building, in the present, has something like 100 floors. The trick is, you take this not-so-reliable elevator to the floor to which the building will be constructed at the point in the future at which you want to arrive. In this case, I had to separate from Jack for some reason, and take the elevator to the 635th floor. (I'm sure some exciting and goofy numerological analyses could be made here.) I knew that my ability to reunite with Jack in the "present" was dependent on my performance on this trip. The guide took me up to the top of the building, where I had to stand on the exposed roof and answer a bunch of questions which I don't remember. The wind was whipping around and the sky was twilight and starry. I kept thinking about how long it would take to hit the ground if I fell. I didn't fall. On the return trip I was on the "elevator" with a bunch of dudes that looked like extras from Ice Pirates. We could see history un-unfolding as we returned, wars starting and ending, and in some places the construction of the building, holes in the wall and in the elevator.

Then I woke up. I don't remember how the dream ended. Dang.
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