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yesterday's rundown:

- caught late night somach bug
- called in sick
- discovered this was a valuable opportunity to get back on track
- wrote out bills (!!!!)
- went to bank
- got thank you cards etc.
- got packing tape, various packing supplies
- stopped by the house and deposited some baking soda traps for the moisture that had built up while the AC was off
- attended peril_book_club
- basically got my to-do list back into some kind of order

i am sure that yesterday kicked my coworker's asses, but on the whole it meant alot to me to take control. i still feel really, really, really overwhelmed with the house-related and moving-related to do lists, to which of course you can add the spectre of shiny new employment and all the legwork that will be related to that... will i be able to keep going to my shrink? my dentist? what about the seemingly ten thousand little physical things going wrong with me right now??

the latest: i have what feels like a nubby bone spur on the palm side of my left ring finger knuckle. it hurts. i am hoping it's just some little cyst that will go away. but at this point i'm managing pain like a champ in several directions anyways so whatever! when can i go to the doctor, right? if it's still hurting thursday i'll say screw it and go to the patient first.
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