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if anyone has book sized boxes, let me know. i need to pack books, and not in huge cubes...

yesterday was a fascinating mix. i spontaneously called up fabulist and begged him to come look at the house, and we did so nearly immediately. when we finished, we wandered back to his abode and i was treated to many aural delights. i am always behind various curves when it comes to interesting music! we discovered we were both free for lunch and headed over to Sabang in wheaton. i let Joe order everything, because for some reason i was completely unable to decide. he also loaned me a film to watch.

and oh, i did watch it. my neck muscles had seized up for no apparent reason as they do from time to time, so i set myself up on pillows and proceeded to enjoy a terrible, terrible film from 1980 called The Apple. tagline: "the power of rock... in 1994!" yes, set in the oh-so-distant future of 1994, a disco-rock musical film for the ages. i may have to own this, if for no other reason than to torture other people with it.

later i went over to tzel's for noshing and GURPS testing. she and lilmymble and i watched a number of episodes of Fruits Basket which i tempered with reading the organic style magazine. it was very cute. of course, riddled with many of the problems with anime. it was fun! but my neck had seized up again and was nearly immobile. i wish i knew what caused this but i am thinking it's just tension. usually i only get it when i have a cold.

so last night being so tense and worked up about many things not only was my neck in excruciating pain but i became extremely nauseated. (nods to pictsy) so i moved my 7-fillings appointment back, which is probably going to end up costing me. so, this week has been a little bit self-loathing intense but i forgive myself for this one.

now if i could just move my head left and right i would really be happy.
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