keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

oh whine.

it's the dead time, folks, it's between oh say, 3 and 6am. i just don't know how i do this every day. i hate it. it makes me feel negative about everything. i hope i'm not making this a self-fulfilling prophecy about being up at this time making me miserable, but i don't think i am. i've known it makes me miserable for a long time.

the up side is that before the apathy and misery started, i got my inbox down to 33 messages. i wonder if time will ever mean the same thing to me after this? i've been through:

8 months
1 fiance
1 roommate
107 michelina's penne pasta frozen dinners
2 rolls of tinfoil
1 check card
0 outside job interviews
2 badges
36 sleeping pills (not all at once)
1 tire
400 cigarettes
1 hairdresser
60 antacid pills
2 delusions of grandeur
136 livejournal posts

am i more used to it? yes. do i like it any better? no. could i go through another 8 months of it? probably.
Tags: introspection
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