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I can finally stop bookmarking things and having them stuck on specific machines or in specific browsers!! Thanks!!! You rock my socks. (Yes I spent every moment I was not working today inputting bookmarks. And that's just the ones I have on this machine...) It would be cool if you all signed up and I saw what was cluttering up your bookmarks. Although some of you I'm maybe a little scared. :)

Last night examorata and I stumbled into The Sum of Us on the Sundance channel. *snif* We loved it. And not just because Russell Crowe was kissing another man, sheez.

My head has been feeling like it's going to implode backwards for two days. And the day before that, my stomach felt like it was going to do the same. All I want right now is to wake up tomorrow and feel normal, kthxbye.

My ipod left shanghai this morning. I love you, mom, dad, and Jack!!!!!
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