keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark


I have five things to impart.

1. Went bowling today at Strike! Bethesda. Nice atmosphere, I would have liked it better NOT on techno night. I was inconsistent as ever, and again, my wrist hurt.
Game1: 117
Game2: 83
Game3: 102
Game4: 100
2. Qwest has blocked our internet access from the NT machines. LJ looks kind of crummy on Unix Netscape.
3. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I tend to like, well, everyone.
4. There is a spectrum of people's ability to ... I'm still not sure how to put this... bond? provide emotional support? those are not the right descriptions. But there's a spectrum, and I have to think about how to express this, and everyone lies somewhere on it. It's not any better or worse to lie closer to one end or the other. If I had the right word in place of "bonding" or "supporting" this would make tons more sense. But you know, it's really starting to sound like I'm talking about ladies' undergarments.
5. The kitty loaf
invade Livejournal!
Long Live Kitty Loaf!

by driftingfocus
Tags: sports
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