keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

i finally went to the dentist after 7 years. and the good news? the worst thing i have is cavities! the bad news? there are approimately ten thousand in there! so i have to go in for 4 separate fun appointments. but no root canals, no crowns, no surgery. phew. but still. needles. anyone have a valium? don't answer that.

saturday i caught the village; i really enjoyed it!! i would guess it would be far less enjoyable if you a) were less gullible than me or b) had been spoiled on it. my enjoyment may have also been tangentially caused by joaquin phoenix's presence as well, who knows. tzel, twig, jack and i checked out the newest mexican place, where 1/2 of beijing used to be, tapatios. still wrong cheese dip. this is getting old. later on, party at davei & thelohrax's place. fun was had but then i pooped out around midnight.

yesterday i sent jack off to climb walls with some fine, fine ladieth, while i gussied up to shower evilhat, for she is soon to be a bride. wow, what a spread!!! very decadent. all day sunday was just awash in decadence and pleasant things. yay. *sigh*

today, as stated above, i've been getting down to business. fortunately i did not include "clean room" on my to-do list, because if i had i'd be crying right now. what a mess. cheers! i'm off to curse adobe acrobat for being bad at its supposed job, i.e., reading pdfs. *grumble*
Tags: health, movies
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