keep it dark (snidegrrl) wrote,
keep it dark

- The road to book club on monday was paved with good intentions. CM used the word "deconstructionist" to my immense joy. We decided on John Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven for next month. See peril_book_club for details, plz.

-In thinking about the house, it has occurred to me that I could set up a library not just in theory, but in reality!! I could sort everything by LC call # and put barcodes on them and have a database and... how much is a barcode scanner anyways? I still need to find a way to do built-in shelving for under a beeellion dollars.

- I am mad at Jesi for introducing me to the frappucino. Well, you know, not really. Stupid frappucino. I got in line this morning with all the other yup-yups at the starbucks and got my mocha frap'. What is my world coming to. *breaks down and cries*

- When I stepped of the metro they were arresting the homeless guy who hangs out in the "quad" behind work. The one who always walks around the circle and tells people to "fuck off" and "die bitches" and challenges everyone to fights. I didn't know what to make of that, except to say that it was nice to think that at least some of the people around here got a daily reminder that there is something to life other than wearing your dry cleaned Banana Republic pants to the Starbucks for your frappuc... oh crap. *sigh* (to be clear, I have never had a pair of BR pants in my life.)

- Going to the 9:30 alone tonight. Taking metro home. Vaguely intimidated by this. Changed my mind. Gonna go home and then drive back down, hopefully early enough to park in the lot. Still intimidated as I hate driving in DC.
Tags: book club, food, house
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