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So last night I went out with a bunch of marine biologists. Quite fun. I think I babbled on like a fangirl about how anyone with a graduate degree makes me weak in the knees. There was much talk of "samples" and boys covered in fish guts that clean up nice. The restaurant was the Evening Star in Alexandria... oh my goodness, was every morsel of food utterly delectable. (I had a radicchio salad with goat cheese and figs, and then penne pasta with a spicy sauce and shrimp... but I should have had the pork chop or the special. drool.) I MUST return. Shoutout to Jesi for dragging me along. Now I must in turn drag her to le club du goth. Oh yeah and I need to get a graduate degree. I'll just put that on my to-do list.

- Still can't "gleek". :(
- Almost done with Gaudy Night... hope it doesn't go in a certain direction.
- finally ordered a divacup.

Thought I'd mention: a little over a year ago I posted about happy songs. Many people have joined my friends list since that time, and many songs have come out since then. So please... go back and contribute happy songs! I currently have about 100 on my mix... I want more more more!!!!! Oh... and in an ideal world you could just share these songs... so if you are inspired to contribute... I'll swap cds or something. :)
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