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last night i had to take a shower over at tzel's due to the water thing. oh, i was pissed. thank goodness for the graciousness of tzel!! i then proceeded to make super-awesome jambalaya as well as level 49 in dark age.

today i made it up to baltimore to face the dude that totaled my car back in aught 2. i didn't have to say a thing and there's a judgement against him and his license will be revoked (how the hell does he have one in MD with no insurance anyways???) and if he pays up (unlikely as his mom was there pleading how he doesn't have a job) i get my deductible back. he'll probably just go on driving... anyways i was glad not to have to testify. note to self: getting to b'more from home is much easier than getting to dc. i got there an hour early. :)

OK so here is my TECHnical question: is there a simple way to set up so that my sent emails will end up in the sent-mail box on two servers when I send it? I'm sure I could bcc my second account by way of archiving, but I would rather they end up in the sent-mail folder automatically than the other inbox.

And now I leave you with a PSA from 1995:

Everybody stutters one way or the other
So check out my message to you.
As a matter of fact don't let nothin' hold you back.
If the Scatman can do it so can you.
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