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I have a giant cardboard papercut right between my index and middle fingers on my right hand. Makes doing basically everything painful.

daisydumont reminded me this morning that not everyone knows my silly brush with famous person story. So,

When I was in college (roundabout fall '95 I reckon) Peter Tork (yes, the former Monkee) did a tour with James Lee Stanley, and the closest he got to VA Tech was Philly. I didn't even have a car at the time so I had to beg and plead a friend to drive me up there. We went, and the concert itself was an amazing experience, I'd say the little club had about 100 or so seats so very intimate. Afterwards he came down into the audience and I was going to stammer out a request for an autograph when my friend runs up to him and says "my friend over here would like a kiss". I was mortified but it paid off... Peter Tork walked over, said "would you like a REAL kiss?" and stuck his tongue in my mouth. Yup, a former Monkee french kissed me.

WHOAH. That was unexpected. I called my dad, in some kind of horrible mean impulse, and told him I just kissed a guy older than him. I don't know why I'm so awful. :) A year later we went back to the same venue, but Peter had a girlfriend with him. Heh. I bet he has kissed thousands upon thousands of girls. So at any rate, among the 38,475,648 things I need to be thanking Scott G. for, is being very, very forward allowing for this amusing story. Nowadays with my disdain for fame, I'm sure I'd be offended if the same thing happened...

Here is the dorky proof that he at least was near me. (People who don't recognize him are always like, is that your dad/uncle?)

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