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Softball: humbling & humiliating. I never got on base except when the guy in front of me was walked and by the weird co-ed rules, that meant I could get on base without ever having to face down a pitch. Every other at-bat was an exercise in pure frustration and embarassment. I try to take pride in uh, not having lost it and burst into tears? Certain teammate was extremely kind with words and helped me get over it. The good news is: the rest of the team played up a storm and we won one and lost the other only by the barest of margins.

Today I'm a zombie as I got less than 5 hours' sleep with several cat-related interruptions, as well as waking up to find my right arm so asleep (i guess i had been laying on it) that it felt like a dead swollen piece of meat. Took a good 15 minutes out of sleep time to assure myself I'd still have a right arm in the morning. Hopefully I'll be able to nap on the metro ride home since tonight I'm supposed to be going to the theatre!

[edit] I am now buying myself a ticket to the Finn Bros. concert at the 9:30 club 7/28. I usually buy two and force someone to go with me, but I don't feel like begging. And I have LJ friends who are going. And it's my g.d. birthday that weekend so I'm not buying someone else a ticket to a concert I want to go to again like I usually do. So um... there!
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