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wow, a good larp

the Adventure! Larp was awesome. It was clear that the storytellers put lots and lots of work into it to make sure eveyone got to participate. usually, i go to a larp, and after say 4 hours i just give up and i'm tired and i don't want to go on, and i either drop out of character or get grumpy. this time was not like that at all. i was very pleased. i wish i could remember every cool quote of the night, but for now i'll settle for something pat said during the post-game roundup:

"and then, i realized i had the key to her box..."

it was good to see mikey again. note to self, june 22. it was really good to see all my friends, i seldom see them all in one place anymore, and when it happens it's usually good. i'm definately still a member of the Josh Hall fan club. it would have been nice to have breezy, and pam, and jack, but the group was still really really solid and the people got really into it.

i also managed to get the eyeliner inside the lash line like kevin aucoin always advises. i still think it's unhealthy.

my cat just left the MOST UNBELIEVABLY stinky gift in the litter box.

christ, can you tell i'm tired... but... i must stay up...



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Mar. 24th, 2002 12:41 pm (UTC)

Y'know, once, we were playing a game of Loaded questions that had some relevance to this. LQ is a lot like scruples, except it doesn't end with everyon hating each other. Basically, questions are asked, everyone writes down their answers,a nd the current player tries to guess who answered what. Fun stuff.

Anyway, Back in MD we were playing a game of this and the question came up "If you were goign out of town, who would you trust with yoru house keys."

Every person who answered, except the guest from out of town, answered "Josh Hall."

I thought this was kind of telling. I also thought it was so damn funny that we clale dhim right then and there to tell him. I think he was pretty sure we were drunk. But still, it sums up Josh nicely in my mind.
Mar. 24th, 2002 10:59 pm (UTC)
Josh is a prince. A surly, grumpy prince at times, but a prince nonetheless.
Mar. 24th, 2002 04:05 pm (UTC)
more quotes from the game
"One minute you're just walking through the jungle, the next you're up to your knees in pygmies."
-General "Iron Lung"

"I could do that, but it would burst my epaulets."
-Gene/General, I am not sure which. :}

"...but then we found out her box needed two keys!"
-Pat's follow-up to your quote above
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