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Well, everything happens really fast.

1. I got my new glasses and my new phone in one day. Locked and loaded. OK maybe not loaded, that's alot of phone #s to put in by hand. The phone doesn't look as much like a toilet lid in person.

2. Canasta/grilling night chez judithiscariot rocked. Awesomely. I was v. happy. Sadly, no full game was finished. Scored like 4 platefuls of pasta salad. Yum.

3. Interviewer caught up with me, but we still don't have a time. Eek. Lots of driving in my very near future.

4. We decided to put a bid in on a house in Laurel. Holy. Shit. Earlier than we expected, and we probably won't win. It will either be an amazing coup or an important learning experience.

5. Been asked to account for all my time at work to try to justify more headcount. It's really an amazing exercise.
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